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Heather Kitchen Yoga


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Home studio for in-person classes - Coolum Beach

(please request address upon booking).


phone: 0429 860986

Online Iyengar Yoga classes


  • Can I just turn up for an in-person class?
    No. Due to limited space and high demand it is essential for you to contact Heather directly to book your spot or be allocated a position on the waiting list.
  • Can I pay with cash if coming to the in-person classes?
    Yes, absolutely.
  • Do I need to bring my own yoga props when attending the in-person classes?
    The studio is equipped with all the props that are needed (including yoga mat), however you are very welcome to bring your own props.
  • How long before class can I eat?
    It's advisable to leave at least 3 hours after eating a large meal and 1 hour after eating a snack before doing yoga.
  • Can I do yoga if I am very stiff and unfit?
    Yes yoga is for everyone. The Iyengar method of yoga makes use of yoga props to provide stability and offer support for stiff or unfit bodies. Doing classes regularly will improve your flexibility, strength and fitness. If you have a health condition or injury please let Heather know.
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